Thursday, July 21, 2011

Comic Con - Day 1 (Thursday)

Well the first day of the ComicCon was awesome. Went to three panels.

First one was Street Fighter x Tekken. Looked alright with the fighting style being based off of SFIV. The new tag team gimmick looks super OP though.

The second one we went to was SW:TOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) which was awesome. Announced a few new things, showed some gameplay, gave us a lot of info about it and really put some confidence in me about the game. One thing that really peaked my interest was how if you choose another class "you'll never see the same quest twice" as was told to us and each of the class' story will take "several hundred hours" which is very awesome. Was really reassuring.

Third and final one we saw today was the Voltron one, only because we missed the one before it (Batman Arkham City) and that one was a snooze fest. Even the panel hosts were bored out of their mind.
Overall, was very fun. Looking forward to day 2.

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