Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Avatar - The Legend of Korra

Last year, at Comic Con 2010, Nickelodeon announced the development of a new series in the "Avatar" universe, as a bit of a sequel to "Avatar: The Last Airbender" (hereinafter referred to as "The Legend of Aang", the international subtitle), dubbed "The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra". Yes, the title sucks, and they should've gone simply with "Avatar: The Legend of Korra", but it's too late and they're not going to change it.
Point being, at this year's Comic Con 2011, Nickelodeon gave a 2 hour panel of the new series, showcasing a lot of concept art, development, and shared some insight on the development of the new series' story and how it relates to The Legend of Aang. Also, they showed off a trailer of the new series that was originally only green lit for 12 episodes, but was given the green light for an additional 14 after those 12 (in the same season, not a second season).
What do we know about the new series?
  • "The Legend of Korra" takes place 70 years after the events of the original Avatar series.
  • Korra is the waterbending Avatar after Aang, a passionate, rebellious and fearless teenage girl from the Southern Water Tribe, who has already learned three elements and needs to master Air.
  • Aang and Katara's son, Tenzin, will be Korra's airbending master (sifu).
  • The epicenter of the modern Avatar world is Republic City, a metropolis fueled by steampunk technology. It is a virtual melting pot where benders and non-benders from all nations live and thrive.
  • Korra discovers that Republic City is plagued by crime as well as a growing anti-bending revolution that threatens to rip it apart.
  • Mike and Bryan said there's going to be a "definite link" between ATLA and TLOK.
  • "The Legend of Korra" will be more mature than the original show, but will still have the same sense of fun and adventure.
  • The Track Team, who did the music and sound for the original series, will also be working on the new series.
  • Dante Basco, the voice actor for Zuko in The Legend of Aang, will return to The Legend of Korra to voice someone related to Zuko.
  • Dee Bradley Baker, the voice actor for Appa & Momo, will return to voice the numerous animals throughout the series.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Comic Con Day 2

Comic Con day two was pretty good overall. Started off far different than most of my usual days and by this I mean I woke up before noon. 

The beginning of the day we woke up far earlier than we had thought we were going to since the night before we had been running off of 3 hours of sleep. Went to the trolley, got to the con and got in the first line of the day: the line to get into the convention since we were there that early. 

When Mike and I finally got in, we then traveled the floor of the con and browsed more in-depth than the first day getting a far better idea of what was actually being shown down stairs as well as what was going on. I took tons of pictures (a couple hundred) and finally got ahold of Keenen to meet up with him. After we met up with Keenen I called Austin then headed to where he was at. 

So after getting calling him a few times I found out he was in line for Hall 20... which was outside the convention wrapping around the outer building, down stairs and at the bay. So for whatever reason, we got in line. Randomly when talking, Austin asked if the person coming up was Judi of which it was so I grabbed her and pulled her into the line where we were at. which was now a hundred or so people further. We wanted to see "The Walking Dead" panel and the "Big Bang Theory" panel but that was not going to happen sadly, even though they were both hours away. 

So about 4 hours later, maybe longer, we finally got into the hall thanks to the show "Bones" being canceled. Since it was canceled, the cast didn't show up and the hall was actually cleared out. So instead we waited through two other panels to see the "True Blood" panel. 

After that we went down and got some really good burgers from this new franchise place called "Smashburger." The burgers were actually pretty good. A little more expensive than most fast food burgers but they were pretty damn good. Also had some pretty good garlic fries as well as some awesome looking shakes (BUTTERFINGER MILKSHAKE!) which I didn't get to have sadly. 

Ended randomly catastrophic but was resolved. All in all, god day, two more to go. 

Some random highlights include: Some new awesome cosplayers, random hobo harassing Mike since he thought he was some actual pokemon when he's a breeder and a really creepy rabbit dude.  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Comic Con - Day 1 (Thursday)

Well the first day of the ComicCon was awesome. Went to three panels.

First one was Street Fighter x Tekken. Looked alright with the fighting style being based off of SFIV. The new tag team gimmick looks super OP though.

The second one we went to was SW:TOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) which was awesome. Announced a few new things, showed some gameplay, gave us a lot of info about it and really put some confidence in me about the game. One thing that really peaked my interest was how if you choose another class "you'll never see the same quest twice" as was told to us and each of the class' story will take "several hundred hours" which is very awesome. Was really reassuring.

Third and final one we saw today was the Voltron one, only because we missed the one before it (Batman Arkham City) and that one was a snooze fest. Even the panel hosts were bored out of their mind.
Overall, was very fun. Looking forward to day 2.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Some people may have noticed how more video game publishers have been throwing on this additional fee of 10 dollars to used games in order to play them online. Some of the publishers that are doing this so far are: Electronic Arts, Sony, THQ, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. My favorite part about this is that people are getting extremely angry about it. Now why is that my favorite part? 

Well, for starters, the only reason that this is happening is due to companies such as Gamestop who have basically been raping developers by selling and heavily pushing used games. Every time you buy a used game, it hurts the developers. The reason is that developers don’t get the profit from a used game, the company or person you bought the game from does. Companies like Gamestop sell far, far more used copies of games than new copies. 

Now people are crying foul for it. They don’t want to buy a used game and buy a $10 “online pass” because it’s “not fair.” I’m sorry but I don’t see the “not fair” part of this. If it wasn’t for us, the customer, this wouldn’t be happening. That’s all there is to it.We are the reason this is happening. Hell, you can’t even share the vast majority of PC games at all so this isn’t an issue in my book. You want to play with your friend on a PC? He has to buy his own copy and that’s how it’s been for years. Most of the time you don’t even own the game, you just own a license of the game of which the developer can take from you if they so choose. 
In my opinion I believe it’s about time we started helping out the developers that make the games we so enjoy instead of screwing them over. If you don’t like it, vote with your wallet.