Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How CarMax Escondido ruined my month.

I've been to three different CarMax dealerships this month alone, mind you it's only the 17th, and this is by far the worst one. I've never had so many issues buying a car. Ever. Nothing better than going in with a car and leaving without one. 

The first car I bought, the check engine light came on before even getting home. So I returned it within their 5 day policy agreement. Nothing too major there, except I had to find out how to get it to them since it wouldn't start the next day... So much for their 125 point inspection. 

Then I ended up going to Riverside to pick up my next car (I live in San Diego) because I couldn't wait 5+ days to get another car, especially when it would now be out of their 5 day return policy. So I go up there, get a new car. This one has problems on the way home, steering is messed up, broken electronics, just a mess. Again. So much for their 125 point inspection. Again. 

So after that I came to here to check out yet another car. Then I had some real problems. First the car was ok, needed some break fluid and coolant, nothing big there, though the cars back seat fell out as it wasn't attached and the side foot panels fell off when I closed the door. Again, what happened to that 125 point inspection? Are the inspectors blind? 

Next I get to processing for my financing and holy hell did this turn out bad. I got a cheaper car but I suddenly had to pay more of a downpayment and all these other checks AND my MANDATORY overtime at work cannot be calculated into my total pay?! That's nearly half my income!

So now, since I had to sign the car over before I turned it in, I'm out a car as they refuse to reverse the paperwork for my car, my credit now has three checks of which they told me they wanted to run my credit again knowing I wouldn't get the loan, for cars that were awful and had major engine problems. Then to top it all off, I CAN'T GET HOME AS THEY REFUSE TO TAKE ME BACK HOME! SERIOUSLY?! I live over an hours worth of driving away! Am I expected to spend a hundreds of dollars for a taxi?!

Never, ever come here. I've never had this kind of terrible experience before. Now I get to find out how I'll be getting to work tomorrow.